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5 Ways to Decorate Your Home with RGB Flexible LED Strip Lights

If you need to add a splash of colour or texture to a room, flexible RGB LED strip lights are a great way to do it. Flexible LED strip lights lend themselves very well to a wide range of lighting applications because of their small size and flexible design. They’re a bit thicker than a piece of tape and will stick onto many surfaces. They can also be placed in aluminum mounting channels for a clean, sleek look.

What are RGB LED lights?

RGB stands for red, green, and blue. Each single LED (light-emitting diode) is made up of an array of three small LED chips that are the colors red, green, and blue. Yes! These are primary colors that we learned in preschool. These three colors, when added and subtracted together in various ways, make up a broad array of colors.

In this article, we will show you five ways to decorate your home with RGB flexible LED strip lights.

1. Cove Lighting

cove lighting

Cove lighting is an easy way to get that wow factor in any home. RGB cove lighting is a form of indirect lighting that’s built into the valences in a ceiling of a room. It directs light up towards the ceiling and down the adjacent walls.

As shown in the image above, it’s great for an aesthetic accent light. It’s especially great for highlighting decorative ceilings, so if the ceilings in your home are some of the rooms’ best features, you should consider installing cove lighting. Flexible LED lights in a cove lighting setup could also be used as the primary lighting in any room in your home.

2. TV Back Lighting

TV lighting

Placing RGB flexible LED strip lights behind your TV is an increasingly popular practice. Watching TV in the dark can cause you a lot of eye strain. By adding RGB flexible LED strip lights, it will seem like the TV is popping right off the wall, increasing the illusion of depth and decreasing eye strain—both of which will improve your viewing experience.

When the lights get dim, your TV begins to fade into the wall. Eventually your eyes no longer separate the picture of your screen from the wall behind it. If you have a nice glow behind your TV, your eyes will have a way to distinguish between the wall and the picture on the television set, which allows them to focus on just the picture, reducing eye strain.

Good backlighting often increases the perceived picture quality as well. Your eyes have a much more difficult time determining color without an independent light source. In fact, this is why colors seem so bright when you walk out of a dark room into daylight—your eyes have lost their color reference and have to adjust. RGB LED flexible strip light backlighting will provide just enough light for your eyes to get their color reference, and you will find that pictures seem crisper and colors more vivid.

3. Christmas Lights

christmas lighting

Imagine never having to take down your Christmas lights ever again. No more climbing up on the roof year after year, risking serious injuries. These RGB flexible LED strip lights come with a 50,000-hour life span. They can be attached using aluminum channels, or the RGB flexible LED strip light itself can be attached to the roofing with its super-strong 3M foam tape. Since these RGB flexible LED strip lights are hidden, no one will see them when they are turned off.

There are many decorative options when it comes to using RGB LED lights for Christmas lights. Having a nice color transition during Christmastime—like a fade from red to green—or a flash between colors or even a static color will have an amazing effect on your home, whether it’s Christmas or any other holiday. These lights come with a static white color function, so you can also use them to just add some more elegant lighting to your property for any time of the year.

4. Indoor or Outdoor Fountain Lighting

fountain lighting

If you love spending time in the outdoors, you may want to consider adding RGB flexible LED lights in your backyard. Why not add some eye-catching effects to your pond or fountain by changing the color of the water? RGB flexible strip lights come in submergible waterproof materials that can be used in fountains or ponds, so they’re not only aesthetically pleasing, but practical and safe to install as well.

Adding flexible RGB LED strip lights to your fountain or pond creates a nice Zen effect, which is calming and relaxing. It will also make your landscaping stand out from the crowd without having to redo your whole yard. This one easy step can take your backyard from normal to magnificent in no time at all.

5. Outdoor Patio Lighting


In addition to using LED lights in and around your fountain or pond, adding RGB flexible strip lights to your patio or porch can create a cool and inviting atmosphere. If you host a lot of parties (or want to start hosting more) or if you just spend a lot of time outside, this may be just the investment for you. Using RGB LED light strips outside can add that extra element of excitement that you’re looking for.

When installing flexible RGB LED strip lights outside on your patio or deck, there are many configuration options available. You can use them to line a deck cover, large umbrella, or trellis if you have one. Or if you decide to put the lights under your furniture, like in this image, it will give them a sensational floating effect. These LED light strips can also be placed along railings to create a more formal and elaborate ambiance.

Not only will the patio be more visible at night, allowing you to see all of your friends and family, but flexible RGB LED strip lights add a fun, relaxing mood to any outside patio.

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