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Dimmable Magnetic Transformer Class 2 50W 24V

Magnitude electronics drive the most innovative LED drivers and transformers on the market. The smallest and highest quality magnetic transformers developed by Magnitudes R&D team which maintains a fast pace of development of cutting edge lighting technology, ensuring Magnitude continues to be a leader in the field. This Class 2 Compliant and energy efficient dimmable led driver has the highest efficiency with no wattage derating 100% load. Made in the USA with a 5 year warranty, This 50 watt, 24 volt, dimmable power supply is certified for its efficiency and durability.

Magnitude’s DC drivers are the most compact LED driver on the market with a magnetic transformer core. Each driver is equipped with a single push-to-reset circuit breaker on the output. The driver is encased in a coated metal box that includes 2 knock-outs to enable easy installation that complies with electrical code requirements and a removable cover for the wiring compartment which is secured in place by a screw.

Magnitude’s dimmable magnetic DC drivers are built especially for LED systems.

This series of DC drivers provide the following benefits:

Compatibility – There are no minimum load requirements when used with a dimmer. The drivers cause no flicker or any of the other side effects that can result from a lack of synchronization between voltage mode drivers and PWM low voltage drivers in the light fitting.

Perfect Dimming – Fully compatible with low voltage dimmers, in contrast to voltage mode drivers that balance the voltage in the system and prevent the dimmer from working.

Lower Power Consumption – Bring about an improvement in efficiency of 15%, due to the avoidance of unnecessary double conversion in the circuitry.

No RFI Issues – Operate at a perfect 60Hz sinus wave, therefore they produce no radio frequency interference whatsoever.


  • Both dimmable and non-dimmable LEDs
  • LED fixtures
  • LED panels
  • LED strip lights (ribbon).

  • Acoustic humming and buzzing free
  • One circuit breaker on the output
  • Works with low-voltage TRIAC dimmers
  • 2 knock-outs for easy wiring
  • ETL listed
  • CSA listed
  • UL standard 5085-1

Max Load: 50 W
Input Voltage: 120V 60 Hz
Output Voltage Full Load: 23 V
Input Current Full Load: 450 mA
Open Circuit Volts: 25 VDC
Output Current Full Load: 1.99 A
Efficiency: 87.20%
Coil Former: Double Section Bobbin
Thermal Class: B 130 °C
Leads Primary: PVC 600 V #20
Leads Secondary: PVC 300V #16

Length: 6.06 inches
Width: 2.59 inches
Depth: 2.00 inches

Dimmable with most low-voltage dimmers – Click HERE for a list of compatible dimmers

Product Spec Sheet (.pdf)