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6 Reasons Why You Should Use LED Lighting

With multiple color options, longer life, and low use of voltage, it was bound to happen, that LED technology would become the superior choice for lighting. The cost of traditional high voltage lighting is no longer vastly different than that of its low voltage counterpart. For many consumers, there is a strong desire to switch to the more energy efficient alternative, and Fero LED Lighting has compiled a list of why you should begin making the switch now.led lighting benefitsLifespan

Traditional florescent light bulbs give no warning before the end of their use, they simple work one day and don’t the next. LED lights however will begin to slowly dim, subtly and evenly when they are coming to the end of their use. LED lights not only fade slowly but also last a significantly longer time than incandescent or high voltage lighting. The lifespan of quality LED lights is estimated to last up to 50,000 hours. Since the lights will begin fading around the 50,000-hour mark, the LED lights actually last many more hours than 50,000. The low voltage lights do not require changing as often as high voltage lights either, giving just another reason their popularity continues to grow.

LED adaptabilityOne of the most appealing perks of LED lights is their ability to adapt and be used just about anywhere. The 12 and 24 volt LED strip or rope lights can be cut and fit into just about any nook, cranny, or space. Since they emit such a low level of heat and a high level of light, they are perfect for all spaces that illumination is needed. Their flexibility and ability to be hidden make them perfect for recessed ceilings, closets, shelves, and coves. Their discreetness and availability in dimmable lighting options allow customers to modernize their homes’ look with the simple addition of the low voltage lighting.


It used to be that people preferred LED lights because they allowed them to save money and help conserve energy. Now however, though still a large part of their appeal, the brightness they offer has allowed them to remain a top contender to high voltage lighting. The LED lights are able to be run the length of a room and offer an exceptional level of brightness.


Options in color are an additional benefit to low voltage LED lights. Available in a range of white temperatures, from cool white to warm white, as well as red, green, and blue, LED lights provide ideal customization for customers. The lights are, unlike, florescent lights, able to be programmed and changed with the use of a controller.


Most important when lighting a space that is designed in a straight line is the uniformity the low voltage lighting provides. The uniform beam angle along the entire length of the installation allows the emitted light to remain consistent. No diode burns brighter than any other, unlike florescent light bulbs that can burn out in spots.


As many benefits as there are for low voltage LED lights, their greatest perk and appeal remains their energy efficiency. The amount of energy saved with the 12 volt and 24 volt lights is an extremely significant as they consume 80% less energy than florescent and incandescent bulbs.

Fero LED lighting is your resource for modern, efficient, and low voltage lighting. Contact us today to discuss your options and preferences.

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